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Welcome to Chartnado

Chartnado is no code analytics and visualization tool for people who want to build and share data driven dashboards.



The entire premise of Chartnado is that it is much easier to reason about what is going on if you can see what is happening at every stage of construction. Building a complete data driven dashboard, including fetching data, creating visuals and adding interation can be a complex process with many moving parts and steps. Our drag and drop construction of all aspects of the process makes construction simpler and faster.

There are four (4) principles to keep in mind when working with Chartnado:

  1. The data for any given visual is retrieved from a data source, be that an Excel file or SQL query.
  2. When working with data everthing is either a table or a row.
  3. All functions to shape, change, filter or format anything are built visually.
  4. Chartnado is an opt-in system. Very few things are automatic (like legends, for example). This means that there is some setup required in cases where you might not expect it. This is discussed in detail the appropriate sections.

This documentation is a work in progress. Please check back often for updates as new content is being added all the time. If required you can also send us a contact message if you need help.