Create Interactive
Dashboards In Excel

Build interactive dashboards with modern visuals, advanced no-code calculations and web publishing, all without leaving Excel.

Excel PivotTables are fantastic. They're also 30 years old.

CrossTables are modern PivotTables with more powerful calculations and visualizations.

Modern Visuals

Get modern web graphics with conditional formatting over everything.

No Code Calculations

Create powerful calculations with graphical building blocks.

Dynamic Parameters

Add modeling and what-if scenarios easily to answer complex business questions.

Simple Publishing

Share your insights with co-workers in PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Teams.

CrossTable Visualizations
Much more than formatted totals

Display complete visualizations in every cell

Modern Visuals

Cells can contain charts, gauges, tree maps, pies, sankey diagrams and more.

Full Templating

Create customized scorecards with text, icons, shapes & sparklines.


Drill down and across your data, diving deeper to achieve insights.


Data Frame Calculations
A graphical query builder for Excel

Build and test your calculations visually, without complex and unfamiliar syntax. Inspect and debug your calculations step by step.

Visually Slice & Dice Your Data

Divide your data into summarized groups, and then compare and contrast those summaries with ease.

No Coding Involved

All of the calculations are built using our graphical editor. No editors to remember complex syntax.

Design Time Debugging

Our Inspector let's you see the results of each stage of any calculation, enormously reducing development time.


What-If Scenarios
Quickly edit your parameters

Users can change model inputs and adjust parameters to calculate results instantly.

More Than Filters

Most BI products are reporting tools. Chartnado supports on the fly calculations delivering a more familiar experience to Excel users.

Complex Scenarios

Easily forecast the effects of adding 5%, 10% or 20% more sales in one department. Experiment with cost forecasts with variable input percentages.

Lots Of Input

Choose from a variety of inputs including sliders, relative date choosers and more.


Interact live during presentations

Take your dashboard to the boardroom or to the customer.

Take Your Data With You

All you need is the Excel file that contains your dashboard. Drop the Excel file into the Chartnado Add-In for PowerPoint.

Full Interactivity

Get a full, complete interactive experience in PowerPoint as you would in Excel, SharePoint or Teams. No clunky screenshots required.

Share with others

Easily distribute both the data and the presentation to your audience.


Teams & SharePoint
Centralized sharing & control

For workgroups and teams of all sizes, centralized publishing is the way to go.


Add a tab to any Team and collaborate with colleagues.


Drop our dashboard viewer on to a any SharePoint page. Works with both Office 365 and on-premise deployments.

Secure out of the box

Your data never leaves your organization.


Our Support Team
Get help directly from the people who built it

We are here to help you with your calculation & visualization questions, large or small.




Best practices


Pricing that's simple and flexible.

Companies of all sizes need access to Chartnado, so we have a flexible pricing system for any size of project or company.

Chartnado Chartnado With Maps
Price $5 / month $6 / month
Charts, Pivots, Grids, Gauges & more
Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint & Teams
Google Maps, MapBox, Esri, Azure Maps 1000 map views
Additional Map Views $1 / 200 views
Users 1 - 20 $5 / month $6 / month
Users 20 - 100 $4 / month $5 / month
Users 100 - 250 $3 / month $4 / month
Users 250+ $2 / month $3 / month
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