What is Chartnado?

Chartnado is dashboarding built right into Excel. Bring your Excel data to life with interactivity that's easy to build and share with co-workers or the world.

Many business intelligence and data analysis tools are simply too complex for the average business analyst to effectively make use of. Large, complex solutions often come with long workflows and moving data between Excel and other systems. In working directly within Excel, Chartnado starts with the tool you already know and adds rapid development of interactive communications.


Excel Designer

Excel Designer

The Chartnado Excel Add-In is the design-time environment. Now you can design your dashboards without leaving Excel.

PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer

Interact with live data during your presentation, drill down for further analysis and create an engaging experience for your audience.

Web Dashboard

Web Dashboards

Dashboards are published to the web. You can host that yourself or we can do the heavy lifting for you

What does Chartnado offer?

Dashboard Designer

Chartnado is an Excel Add-In that plugs into Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Interactive Visualizations

A wide range of data visualization widgets and options will help you communicate your insights.

PowerPoint Ready

Embed your visualization within desktop and web versions of PowerPoint.

Web & Mobile Friendly

For co-workers on the move, present visualizations that look great in browsers on tablets and phones.

Cloud Or Self-Hosted

We can host everything for you, or you can run Chartnado on your own servers.

Automatic Updates

You'll always have the latest version of Chartnado including the latest features and bug fixes.

How do I get started?

Download the Chartnado Excel Add-In and begin making dashboards. The Excel Add-In is FREE, there is no registration required. We also have some demo files that you can try out to spark your imagination.

If you'd like to share dashboards by publishing to the cloud, sign up here

  • Download the Chartnado Excel Add-In

    Get started by downloading and installing the Chartnado Excel Add-In.

  • Explore the Samples

    We provide a number of samples to help you explore the possibilities available with Chartnado. Have a look at the various chart and map types, along with gauges, KPI indicators and more.

  • Create your first dashboard

    Working with your own data couldn't be easier. Start with one of your Excel spreadsheets with data you'd like to share, and add visualizations to the dashboard to help others understand and explore the data.

  • Preview your dashboard in a browser

    You can preview your dashboard in a browser without without saving it to the cloud or to your local Chartnado server.

  • Publish your dashboard to the cloud

    Once you're ready to share your dashboard with your co-workers, save it to the cloud and give access to only those people you decide to share it with. Your data is always safe and secure.