What is Chartnado?

Chartnado is dashboarding built right into Excel. Bring your Excel data to life with interactivity that's easy to build and share with co-workers or the world.

Many business intelligence and data analysis tools are complex and require significant investment in training and infrastructure. Large, complex solutions often come with long workflows and moving data between many different systems, from extraction to analysis to presentation. In working directly within Excel, Chartnado starts with the tool you already know and adds rapid development of interactive communications.


Excel Designer

Excel Designer

The Chartnado Excel Add-In is the design-time environment. Now you can design your dashboards without leaving Excel.

PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer

Interact with live data during your presentation, drill down for further analysis and create an engaging experience for your audience.

Web Dashboard

Web Dashboards

Dashboards are published to the web. You can host that yourself or we can do the heavy lifting for you

What does Chartnado offer?

Dashboard Designer

Chartnado is an Excel Add-In that plugs into Excel 2013 and 2016. This allows for rapid prototyping in a comfortable development environment.

Interactive Visualizations

A wide range of data visualization widgets and options will help you communicate your insights. Turn static data into interactive communication.

PowerPoint Ready

Embed your visualization within desktop and web versions of PowerPoint. Deliver presentations using live data to answer questions on the fly.

Web & Mobile Friendly

For co-workers on the move, present visualizations that look great in browsers on tablets and phones.

Cloud Or Self-Hosted

With a central server you can eliminate the proliferation of spreadsheets. Simplify management and keep data secure while giving people access to the information they need. We can host everything for you, or you can run Chartnado on your own servers.

Automatic Updates

The software updates automatically. Users will always have the latest version of Chartnado including security updates, bug fixes and product enhancements.